Richesse Management, Inc. offers various services that meet the need of investors based on the extensive know-how in real estate securitization by our professionals. The main business are as follows.

Real Estate Securitization Business

Real estate management (asset management)

We manage customers' entrusted real estate and provide various services to maximize revenue and value. In addition, we provide services that periodically report to investors the profit status of assets under management.

Brokerage, acquisition, disposition of properties, and advisory/consulting services

While conducting brokerage/acquisition of commercial real estate and residential property, we work with investors to value up and/or lease property.

Organizing a joint investment structure

We establish special purpose company (SPC) for real estate investment and organize collective investment structure (fund) according to investor's need.

Providing financing functions

We make principal investment in the funds that are organized by our group, arrangement of financing with financial institutions, and providing functions to enhance leverage effect.

Origination of tax structure

We originate financial structure with tax benefit by, such as, utilization of special purpose companies and of Tokumei Kumiai structure (“partnership”) based on asset liquidation law (“Asset Securitization Law”).

Development and value-up of real estate

We acquire existing properties and carry out value up improvement by such as large-scale renovation. In addition, we acquire new land, and develop properties, and work on the creation of new value of real estate.

Flow of services provided by the Group

Investigation of customer (investor) need

We will investigate and discuss the investment need of investors.

Acquisition of real estate

We will select the real estate to acquire and negotiate with the seller.

Product structuring

We will structure appropriate real estate financing products for each project.

Sales / Acceptance of investment

We will accept funds from multiple investors (funding), and if necessary, the Group will also invest in the structure originated by ourselves.

Provide asset management services

We will undertake asset management related to the real estate finance products we have originated and offer various services related to maintaining asset value improvement during the period. Also, depending on the need of investors, we will help investors investigate and execute exit strategies (end of investment).

The above is the general flow of the services the Group offers.
We arrange tailor-made service for each case.

Our strengths

Extensive track record

Our main members have been involved in many real estate and restructuring deals, and we have accumulated a number of achievements in the real estate securitization market. In particular, in the field of asset management, our core business, because we have structured a lot of funds from the dawn of real estate securitization market in Japan, specialists of real estate securitization with extensive experience are gathered in our Group.

Network in the industry

In order to be able to provide services that respond to customer's expectations, such as up-to-dated information on real estate, a wide range of options at the time of fund raising, and various know-how on hotel management, we have established a wide and detailed network in each industry.


In the industry related to real estate and finance, a wide range of highly specialized skills are required. For this reason, each employee has worked diligently and accumulated various careers. We will propose and build the best scenario by utilizing knowledge and experience in each field such as real estate, finance, accounting, appraisal of real estate.

Proper judgment of situation and advice

The real estate securitization market is very dynamic, and it fluctuates closely related to the overall economy. For that reason, since different viewpoints are required for each project, we must also emphasize a microscopic viewpoint that requires a detailed view of the macro as well as a detailed viewpoint of getting and analyzing detailed information. From these two perspectives, we will work to make customers' decision smoothly and speedily.

Example of the structure of our fund structure the Group offers

The above flow chart shows the example of real estate securitization scheme offered by our Group.
We will individually structure each deal based on the needs of investors and other conditions.